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Frequently Asked Questions

Check below for the most common questions asked about purchasing Blend by Design.
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Does the course come with The Blended Course Design Workbook?

No. Since The Blended Course Design Workbook is printed by Stylus Publishing, it will need to be purchased separately to be used with the course. Bulk discounts are available as well as shipping options for course members who are working remotely. Contact Patti Webb at Stylus for more information.

Do I have to purchase The Blended Course Design Workbook as part of the course?

No. While the book is a recommended supplement to the course, Blend by Design can stand alone as a resource on blended course design. If you purchase the book, you’ll receive more in-depth guidance on choosing technology tools as well as comprehensive literature reviews that are not included in the course.

How long does it take to get access to the course?

Once the course purchase payment is processed, individuals purchasing the course receive immediate access to the course site and can begin right away. For institutional purchases, campus codes for course access are provided once a payment is received and processed.

What does it mean to have a lifetime membership?

Licenses for Blend by Design are available to participants for the lifetime of the course, which means participants pay once for the course and then receive any additional course materials or resources that are added later free of charge.

Do you offer an unlimited license option?

Yes. If you want to provide the course to your entire campus, you can purchase the Enterprise Unlimited license for $18,000. This unlimited license makes the most sense for campuses who plan to offer the course to groups of 400 people or more.

Can I purchase just The Blended Course Design Workbook?

Of course! Purchasing The Blended Course Design Workbook: A Practical Guide is easy. Here’s a direct link to the Stylus Publishing website for the book.

What LMS is Blend by Design housed on?

Blend by Design is housed on a platform called Teachery and is not built in any specific learning management system. The content for Blend by Design is LMS agnostic and does not discuss any particular LMS platform.

Who is the creator of Blend by Design?

Blend by Design was created by Dr. Katie Linder, author of The Blended Course Design Workbook: A Practical Guide (Stylus, 2016). You can learn more about Katie’s work on her professional website.

Is this course appropriate for K-12 teachers looking for professional development?

Blend by Design was built with a higher education audience in mind, so it is not recommended for K-12 professionals.

What topics are covered in Blend by Design?

The content page of this website includes detailed lists of the course goals, learning objectives, and module topics and descriptions. You can also view sample videos on this page.

Can you provide an invoice?

Absolutely. Just use this form to request an invoice. It will ask for information such as a contact name, email address, and physical address that should be included on the invoice. You can also provide institution-specific vendor registration forms or special instructions. Once you fill out this form, we’ll get an invoice to you right away.

Can I pay by check?

Yes, and this option is preferred for the multi-license packages. Your course access code will be provided upon receipt of the check. Documentation of a paid invoice once the check arrives can also be provided.